Learn About Oregon's Forests

From the mixed conifer forests of the Blue Mountains, to the coastal Douglas-fir & hemlock rain forest, Oregon’s forests are many and varied. Find out more about the differences in how our public versus private forests are managed, get a sense of place for forests around the state, and read about special places Oregon Wild helps protect and restore.

While many of us live in Oregon for the many benefits our forests provide – from their scenic beauty, the clean water they filter, and the great hiking, camping, birding, fishing, hunting, boating, and biking they offer – it can be hard to know where to start to learn more about them. Whether you’re a visitor, newcomer, or life-long Oregonian, you may have questions about the forests you see all around you, like:

Oregon Wild has spent forty years acquiring knowledge about these very questions, so we hope we can help you learn more to help you enjoy, stay informed, and get involved with Oregon’s amazing forests.

Photos (top to bottom): Old-growth trees in the "Grandmothers Grove" on Eugene BLM land; Old-growth forest in Crabtree Valley (Chandra LeGue)